Professor Mohsen Mohebi is an Iranian university professor, attorney at law, juristic, and arbitrator. He was born into a religious family in 1951. He was a literature graduated from Alavi and Daar-al-fonoon High School. Although he was originally an Economics student at Shiraz University, he later changed his field of study to law at the University of Tehran upon his father and friends’ advice. In 1973, he graduated in the field of law from the University of Tehran, and after almost two years, was employed in Bank Meli, Iran.

Mohsen Mohebi at a glance

Scientific - Academic Records

PhD. of International Law from Louvain-la-Neuve University

Member of the scientific board of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran (SRBIAU)

Head of Department of Public and International Law of Divinity, Political Science and Law Faculty

Editor of a journal of Law

Managing director of international Law review

Author and translator of more than 50 articles in Persian and English


Member of Iran Central Bar of Association

Iranian arbitrator member of International Court of Arbitration of International Chamber of Commerce in Paris

Honorary member of International Court of Arbitration of International Chamber of Commerce in Paris

Member of the four-person arbitration group in The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague

Member of international arbitrators’ board of Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre (TRAC)

Permanent member of The Iranian Association for United Nations Studies (IAUNS)

Executive Records

Research Deputy in the Center for Dialogue among Civilizations

Legal Deputy of the Presidential Bureau of International Legal Services (BILS)

Head of The Hague Branch of Bureau of International Law Services (Netherlands)

Secretary of the Legal and Arbitration Commission of the Iranian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce and Secretary General of the Arbitration Center of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce

President Counsellor on International Legal Affairs and Head of the Presidential Center for International Legal Affairs

Representative and Lawyer of the Iranian Government's Liaison for claims against the USA in the International Court of Justice

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